Disc cultivator for lavender "Cormoran"

Disc cultivator for lavender "Cormoran"

Series KDB


Mounted disc cultivator of short type (Harrow)

Swift, low cost cultivation of the lavender fields. High productivity and efficiency at the optimal cultivation of lavender row spacing.

Loosening of the surface layer, cutting weeds between rows. Uniform mixing of vegetalremnants and  disruption of capillarity.


- 2 rows of grooved discs Ø 510 mm (notched and flat).

Securing: Individual rubber segments and both sides protectors.

Disc cultivator for lavender "Cormoran", KDB

Technical data

Technical characteristic Mounted
  KDB 022 LP
Power requirement HP 40 - 65
Working width * m 2,2
Transport width * m 2,2
Transport height m 1,11
Transport length m 1,31
Work bodies - Disc diameter mm 510
Work bodies - Number of discs pcs. 12 (2x6)
Work bodies - Disc spacing cm 25
Operational speed km/h до 18
Working depth cm 3 - 12
Tractor linkage   3 PointHitchCat. I or Cat. II
Machine weight t 0,505

* adjusting

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